Bundela dynasty have been included in the tentative list of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites following a proposal sent by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to the United Nations (UN) body.
Orchha is situated in northern part of the state of Madhya Pradesh, in the central region of India. It lies alongside the Malwa plateau, on the banks of Betwa River on whose banks lies the jungles around which fascinates many travelers to this habitat.

April – June           Not Too Hot
Nov-Feb                Are Cool and Pleasant
July-Sep Rain’s

Best Time to Visit?
The best to visit Orchha is between October and March.

How to Get Their?
By Rail
The nearest railhead is at Jhansi (18 km from Orchha). As Jhansi is located on the main Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai route, many trains pass and stop here.
By Road
We would arrange for you with all India tourist permit vehicles for the local transportations and the intercity drives too.

We have listed below the top 10 places to visit in Orchha.

1. Jehangir Mahal

Jahangir Mahal dates back to the 17th century A.D built by Bharath Bhushan after he defeated Vir Deo Singh of Bundela. It was built as be a garrison and citadel for the Mughals to allow greater control over the Bundela region.

This place is a classic example of Bundela architecture. Jahangir Mahal is a three-storied structure that is marked by stylishly hanging balconies, porches, and apartments.

2. Ram Raja Temple

Open Time: 8am-noon, 8pm-10pm

This is the only temple in India where Lord Ram is worshiped as a king and that too in a palace. A Guard of Honor is held every day. Much in the manner of a king, police personnel have been designated as guards at the temple. The specialty of this temple is that Lord Ram has a sword in his right hand and a shield in the other. Shri Ram is sitting in Padmasan, with the left leg crossed over the right thigh.

Ram Raja Temple has a serene architecture, adorned with a marble courtyard and colorful walls.

3. Chattris

Chattris is
a set of magnificent royal tombs of the Maharajas, placed on a platform and
supported by the pillars. These were built to honor the dead ancestors
of the Bundela rajas. Chattris
or cenotaphs in Madhya Pradesh are an important historical tourist location in
the state that attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. These
are situated on the
banks of Betwa RiverThey offer a picturesque view that can fill the mind with serenity and

4. Chaturbhuj Temple

The name
literally means the one with four arms, it was built in 875 AD during the reign
of Gurjara Pratihara dynasty. The temple was initially meant for Lord Rama that
remained in the Ram Raja Temple. This temple is a stunning blend of a temple,
fort and palace elegances of architecture.

5. Raja Mahal

during the 17th century. The Ram Raja Temple is built on a square
base and has an almost entirely plain exterior, relieved by projecting windows
and a line of delicate domes along the summit. The palace is constructed beautifully with
impeccable architecture and breathtaking grandeur. This palace has glorious
towers and spectacular murals which will make a visit here a complete delight
for any art enthusiast.

6. Rafting

Rafting in river
Betwa is on one of the favorite spot for tourists. Rafting starts from the boat
club. Tickets for this activity are arranged arranged through MP tourism and are
available at the Betwa retreat or at the Hotel Sheesh Mahal. It costs around
Rs. 1000 per hour or more per raft and a single raft takes 1-6 persons.

7. Phool Bagh

‘Phool’ means Flower and ‘Bagh’ means Garden. This garden is a gorgeous span of lush greenery that features a central row of fountains. It was used as a summer retreat by the kings of Orchha.

The garden is well-planned and has an ingenious system of water ventilation that connected the underground palace with Chandan Katora, a bowl-like structure from whose fountains, droplets of water filtered through to the roof, simulating rainfall and keeping the complex cool.

This garden was built as a memorial for Prince Dinman Hardaul
who had committed suicide to prove his innocence to his big brother.

8. Rani Mahal

Open Time: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Cost: Free

The Rani mahal also means Queen’s chamber. It was the residence of the begum of King Madhukar Shah. Its last occupant was Rani Laxmi Bai herself.

This mahal has been converted into a museum. It is surrounded by splendid gardens. Palace is beautifully decorated with detailed stonework, exhibit paintings made in ninth century and have various sculptures that fames this museum. This also depicted scenes from the great epics like Ramayana with breathtaking view of the Betwa River from inside.

9. Chandrashekhar Azad Memorial

It is located
outside Orchha in a small town of Tikamgarh on the Jhansi-Orchha Road. It was constructed
in honour of inspirational freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad. It has an old
hut where Shahid used to live and the legendry tunnel has caved in.  It has a large courtyard with Shahid
Chandrashekhar’s bronze statue standing proudly.

10. City Shopping

Orchha cannot be termed as a shopper’s paradise, though it offers some traditional items like pyjamas and kurtis adorned with designs typical to the state of Rajasthan. Another very popular craft among the tourists is items made up of metal and wrought iron. These articles can be bought as souvenirs or for utility, decoration or gift purpose. Be sure to bargain hard.