SUMMERS: Your packing list for vacation in summers, you will likely want to be in shorts and a loose comfortable t-shirt or tank top. A wide-brimmed or long-billed hat and a pair of sunglasses are essentials for protecting face, eyes and neck from the bright and scorching sun. Bring a light sweater or sweatshirt so you won’t miss magnificent nightly star-gazing.


Without a doubt, we always indorse Teva-style sandals which are the most useful footwear you can take if you are going to an island. They can be worn during dry or wet landing on the island, protect your feet from dead corals found on and near the beach. You might want to protect and support of tennis shoes or sneakers but we also recommend that you take your broken-in pair than a new pair that will suffer the damage of saltwater and sand. If you are planning for a High heels, take it off from your packing list for vacation. It could cause you a discomfort on a beach walk.


Your packing list for vacation we list sunscreen. I suggest SPF 45 waterproof sunscreen and everywhere and don’t forget the tops of your feet! Strong sunburn can be a debilitating condition –especially for those with lighter skin.


A swimsuit or two is perfect for the water – the sun dry them quickly and they are great for lounging around on the decks. If you have your own snorkeling equipment and you feel like taking them with you do please so by all means. Often it is better to have your own equipment with which you are comfortable and certain of its fitting than renting from the boat or a shop.  However, if your packing list for vacation do not have your own you’ll be provided on hire with such gear during snorkeling and diving deep, you might consider a shortly we suite for the deeper 18-23 degree C water.

Photography Camera


Of Course, your packing list for vacation must have your camera! Going to a destination is one large opportunity after another and you will return with many photos that will never be repeated. For this reason, I always suggest that one must think about how photos you will want to take and then bring an extra memory card. Frames will quickly fill with all the landscapes, wildlife and ocean scape’s you can dream of. But if you run out of memory space, buying at destination can be very expensive or difficult. For those who have quality digital camera, bringing a wide-angle/macro lens and a 7-210 mm zoom lens is advisable. The zoom lens will let you frame animals at any variety of distances, and reduce the amount of camera equipment you lug with you to the island. A polarizing filter helps to reduce the glare of the sunlight on the water and make the fishes more visible as well as helping with the sunset shots. And if you do have an underwater camera (as most us don’t), you can also rent one at the destinations.
In case you want to bring video equipment in your packing list, while adding more bulk, weight and worry, also means that you will be able to capture amazing moments and images. If you bring a tripod, make it a lightweight non-bulky one as you’ll have to hike with it.


Some other items that you might consider in packing list for vacation is bringing are binoculars (7×25 are recommended) and extra camera batteries.


In your packing list you may want to have some cash while you are on board and in port to buy a t-shirt, a refreshing drink etc. I always advise everyone to bring some cash with you. There are bank ATMs available at various locations but at time it becomes difficult to get cash when required. Carry your money, credit cards and a money pouch (held close to your body)


Basic First Aid are mostly available. But if it’s important medication you must make a part of you paking list for vacation. Without it, it can range from being mildly inconvenient to becoming a serious problem. So it is always recommended to travel with all prescription medicines that you may need. Special medicines you should consider bringing along motion sickness medication (If your sea legs don’t develop quickly), and aloe-vera gel (in case you forget my advice about sunscreen). During the trip, if you experience severe headaches or respiratory problem, consult a doctor immediately.


I always discourage everyone from bringing/buying plastic water bottles at the beaches or any tourist destination to save the environment. In your packing list I highly recommend you to carry your own copper water bottle that can easily be refill with RO water available at all the restaurants or hotels. This will also save you a cost.


Make a handy mosquito repellent as a part of your packing list for vacation.
Mr. Ramesh C Dhiman Ph.D Indian Council of Medical Research states that Concentrations of 2% neem oil mixed in coconut or mustard oil provided 100% protection against sand flies for about 7 hours.

Beach Mat Hammock


To have best beach experience on the beach do carry a hammock/ seaside mat. Tie a hammock to a branch and experience the moment.

quick dry towel


Do not forget to carry towel that dry out quickly as part of your packing list.

pocket diary


If you are an artist, poet, like sketching etc. your packing list may be incomplete without a then don’t forget a pocket diary to make travel memories out of your passion.

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