The new coronavirus was emerged from Wuhan city in China. In just couple of month it has spread around the globe. Now it has sparked a race to find treatments and vaccines against COVID-19 corona.

Besides, unquestionably it has shaken the world tourism industry globally. Hotels, Tour Operators, Airlines, and Cruise Operators are a few of the hardest hit industries and are entirely distressed with its immediate impact. This epidemic has happened in the Lunar New Year which is said to be the most demanding travel seasons for entire Asia. People have cancelled their holiday trips, events, employees are suffering with job adjustments and more over there is a drastic fall in income.

The MICE (meetings, events and incentive travel) sector has its biggest impact. The large group have been cancelled and currently have come to a complete halt. Travel trade on the whole is on standstill for some time

India, with 1.35 billion people is the second most populous country in the world, while China is on the top with over 1.46 billion people (source: India response in tackling coronavirus threat is amazing, currently India is outperforming in tackling COVID 19 corona. The Indian Government has taken stringent actions to tackle this situation. In the implemented actions, Indian Government has appealed companies to allow their employees to work from home, public center to cancel large gatherings, hostel, schools, colleges, gyms, bars, malls, parks has been shut down as a precautionary measure. Suspects of corona virus cases are also being monitored for 14 days to ensure the safety of the citizens. All these timely efforts and step taken are highly commendable.

Davinder Saini Founder of Riaan Hospitality, said – we ensure a good and quality experience to create happy customers. Therefore, in the best interest of our valuable domestic and international customers we have accepted 100% refund requests depending on airlines, hotels and other service provider’s policies. He aslo urged everyone to work together to cope up with this worse scenario to creat and get more opportunities in near future.

Indian tour operators and operations across globe have suffered substantial losses because of cancellations from a big business market like China and other countries. Outbound tourists from India have also cut back on their travel plans. Operators are daily receiving the cancellation queries from travelers who had holiday plans to other countries during this holiday season.

Indian most preferred destination like Italy and Southeast Asia are under huge impact of Corona virus covid-19. Indian government have asked citizens to avoid travelling especially to Iran, Korea and Italy. At the moment predicting future travel trends is difficult, but as per the current scenario it looks uncomplimentary to all. It’ll surely leave a significant drop in terms of future overseas travel bookings. Mr. Davinder Saini founder Riaan Hospitality fairly projects that now more Indian will choose to travel within the country to compensate for their overseas travel plans. No doubt inbound travel will bring many more business opportunities for tourism sector and will create more job opportunities. He also predicts that fighting of COVID 19 corona virus in such a proficient and proactive manner will have a very positive impact on Indian ecomnomy and people’ll feel more secure in Indian than ever before. In coming years Indian Tourism will surely see a drastic increase in acquiring international tourist.