Everything has come to a cessation after getting restricted to homes. There is no honking and dust free air. It’s so quiet out there. Loud sounds too have quarantine themselves. You can hear birds chirping and wind propelling.

It’s really energizing – isn’t it?

Few weeks ago everyone had pre-panned their summer vacations to native place, grandparents’ house or to a holiday destination but now travelling is like a daydream.

Masks ON, washing and sanitizing hands again and again is now a routine to self-protection against this deadly covid19.

Are you feeling like a jailbird? Just hooking to the laptop, watch TV shows and chatting with friends & family over phone all the time, it isn’t such a good idea. You’re spending your free time wrong. Structure your day to gain more free time, to increase your life glee and wellbeing. You can always make more money, but this time is truly fleeting.

Here are 10 best activities that you must to be happier, more positive and’ll help you keeping away from gadgets.

  1. READ A BOOK:  You may choose non-fiction books by local authors to virtually explore a new region or country. Few of them includes Tibet with My Eyes Closed which is an accumulation of short stories by Madhu Gurung, It’s grounded on the lives of Tibetan refugees in India. For more book recommendations, see my favorite travel memoir, The Shooting Star: A National Bestseller! By Shivya Nath. It has also been ranked the #1 bestseller in travel writing on Amazon India. Go ahead with your own favorite book.
  2. COOK: Maid are out now for some time. If you haven’t entered the kitchen since long, here is the time to surprise everyone. Find a dish from a cook book that your family member would love to have and cook for them. I am sure everyone will love this than anything else.
  3. NURTURE PLANTS: Feeling sick of isolation, plants are within your range, get connect to the nature within your house and nurture your indoor/outdoor plants. Take kids help and involve them too in some physical activity. Let them play with sand and enjoy. This will surely relax minds and give you a better feeling than just spending all your time on phone, TV or laptop.
  4. LEAVE A REVIEWS ONLINE: If you really want to be with your laptop or phone then this would a great thing to do at this point when we need each other’s support. Rather just a leaving comments on social media leave a few reviews. If have visited some place in recent past and haven’t reviewed them, go ahead and do it. Support them as a good gesture. Leave a heartfelt review on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews and mention then on Instagram, Twitter. Recommend them to family and friends for future trips.
  5. LISTEN TO YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC: With this fast pace daily routine, didn’t had much time listen to your favorite music with silent surronding ! Here’s the time – no honking, dust free air, can hear birds chirping, it’s so relaxing, Forget CORONVIRUS and grab this moment so play music, dance and chill out. Just tell Alexa to play it for you.
  6. GO BLOGGING: If you love exploring thing. Choose your favorite topic and start to write, post, like and share your content on the internet. This help you raise your profile, connect with others and grow your network if you do it the cool way.
  7. FIND A FREELANCER JOB: If you feel you are a good writer, have decent typing skills, know Corel, know video editing, there are many other countless freelancers job options. If you want to spend time on laptop, you can unitize this way. Find a suitable one for you and get started with a new job right from home. Video editor freelancer jobs are also high in demand these days.
  8. PAINT ON CANVAS: If there lies an artist within you, it’s so calm, quiet and peaceful out there. Take out your canvas and paint.
  9. GO MEDITATION /YOGA:  No honking, no dust from busy roads, feel like replenishing positive vibes in you ? Go for meditation or yoga to experience the rejuvenation of your body in this peaceful environment.
  10. RESTRICT YOUR TRAVEL: Ofcourse restrict your travel from Bedroom, to Kitchen, to your lawn Via Bathroom as much as possible.


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